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  • Do you have a minimum order requirement?
    We DO NOT have a minimum order requirement for belt buckles. You can order a single buckle or hundreds
  • Do you offer help with buckle design?
    Yes! our professional design staff will create full-color presentation artwork of your order. We'll email it to you, so we can get your feedback and approval, then proceed to the next step... manufacturing.
  • Can I submit my own artwork and ideas?
    Yes! In fact, we need as much input from you as possible
  • How can I trust that I'll receive a quality product, and that I'll be satisfied with the results?"
    We have over 20 years of experience in The Art of Silversmithing , and we will most assuredly help you and your organization achieve its goals.
  • What is German Silver?
    German silver is an alloy of nickel, zinc, and copper. Although harder than sterling silver, it looks much the same.
  • What metals are used to fabricate the buckles?
    We use a variety of metal combinations such as German Silver, Zinc, Brass, Copper or Bronze alloys.
  • What are the additional Charges for multi-colored buckles?
    you can expect to pay $25 per buckle for multi-colored works.
  • Do you offer unique custom buckle design?
    Yes, we can make anything you want in the buckle for a flat rate price $175 plus tax " if applicable" & shipping cost.
  • How many logos can I add to my buckle design?
    One logo or figure is icluded in the price listed on any page of this website, but you can add more for an extra charge of $20 each.
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